Viral Marketing

Grow Your Business Virally

By July 17, 2007 October 7th, 2020 No Comments

When speaking about viral in relation to computers, you would normally mean those nasty little programs that destroy information on your computer and pass from user to user.

As such, it is a word dreaded by all computer owners- especially myself as I know from experience how difficult a major infection can be to deal with. However, whenever I speak of viral marketing, it is not what it seems and I certainly don’t mean using a computer virus to spread news about your business.

Think about how a virus spreads from on person to another. One person gets sick and through contact with other people they spread the virus to these people. In turn, those people then also spread the virus further. What is the next step after this? The answer of course, is an epidemic. That is the very concept of viral marketing, to create an epidemic of demand for your business.

The idea is to get everyone to spread your marketing message around because they want to. When I create Viral marketing material I do it with media or content that you will want to pass on! If you like the content and find it or entertaining or useful or maybe you feel compelled, you will pass it on to your friends and family.

It could be an e-book on some subject that I know would be useful to you or perhaps even a video- the ideas are simply endless! However, you can also use viral marketing techniques in your business.