The Strategic Importance of Backend Sales

By July 11, 2007 October 7th, 2020 No Comments

Can you imagine a supermarket only selling to a customer one time and then having to look for a new customer for the next sale.

Ridiculous –  is probably your polite response.

We all know that supermarkets work very hard to keep their customers loyal and spending repeatedly.

Not only does the supermarket encourage the customer to return and buy again but they also develop new products to increase the amount of money the customer spends in their
store. They understand very clearly the importance if increased customer spending and more frequent customer spending.

The same applies to Starbucks or Walmart. Any successful Business is always looking to increase it’s penetration into it’s current customer base

So then why do so many internet marketers ignore this aspect of their business.  They sell you one thing from their website – a report on dog training or curing baldness or whatever. And that’s it. That’s their whole bundle.

…Are you one of these marketers?

Yet we all know that if a buyer trusts you for the first sale, and You treat him right – he’ll come back and buy again. And price will be of less concern. That means you can charge more. And that means more profit.

But if backend sales make so much sense, why do so many Marketers ignore developing a backend sales system?

Coming up with new products and services can take a lot of work. It also takes an understanding of how to set up –  and you may think why bother doing this.

One reason is that you could actually avoid losing your potential customers.

If you don’t offer them other new products and services, they may seek out other sites that offer similar services related to yours.

That’s right!  If you don’t offer new products, you can lose customers!

So don ‘t just think of making a one-time sale only from  your customers.
You have to think about keeping your customers for LIFE.

We’ve already discussed that it is actually easier to resell to an existing customer than to close an initial sale.  Since your customer already trust you and provided they have been satisfied with your after-sales service, they will have no problem in buying from you again.

So you know what you must do to keep your existing customers happy and attract new traffic to your site.

If you think that creating backend products is a bother, then you really need to take a look at the “BackEnd Mastery Program.”

You know what you must do to increase your profits, then go do it.